Our client's vision is to support emerging and advanced career artists working in 2D and 3D mediums looking for seclusion to explore personal creative expression in the form of special projects and new work that incorporates environment, inclusion, and/or public engagement in the arts. The building program includes four individual artist studios (3,000 SF), common kitchen and living room areas (1,000 SF), five (150 SF) individual sleeping units, and a rooftop terrace (700 SF) overlooking the creek and entire campus. The project is located outside of Kanab, Utah which is just 200 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada near the Utah and Arizona border. The 5-acre wooded site slopes to a seasonal creek which bisects the site at various times throughout the year. The four artist studios and garage span the slope allowing the creek to flow freely without interruption while the common areas are located on high ground above the creek and connected via a short passageway. The five sleeping units are located along the southern property line, across the creek, and at the highest elevation on the site. The location was intentional and used to provide solitude and separation from the artists work. Artists will navigate the site and interact with nature and the environment during their residency, ultimately gaining inspiration for their creative work.